Food from Sicily is beautiful!

The Sicilians very much like our cooking composed of the traditons from the Sicilian kitchen as well as from the Danish one!
Out from this statement we offer baking and cooking recipes from our own kitchen inspired from Castelbuono and with a touch of my heritage from the Danish kitchen.
Some of the recipes are tipical from these parts and some are developed from suggestions and comments from my Sicilian friends.

Now after years of experience with the Sicilian way of cooking and the traditonal plates from Madonie I today cook tipical Sicilian food as well as I make experiments as I like a meal being substantial but not heavy which is characteristic for the Mediterranian and especially the Sicilian way of cooking.
We have in my family a long and rich tradition for cooking and baking. My mother is as well as her mother was a great artist in the kitchen. I am very lucky to have inherited skills like that and it is on this foundation I am cooking.

It is pleasure to cook in these parts where the produce is the best quality and mainly supplied from the locals or at least from Sicily. Fruit and vegetables are normaly seasonal and biological.

The Sicilians love the sweets - it is a must and there is a great assortment in the bars and at the confectioner's shops.

In most of my recipes I am using peperoncino, Sicilian chili. To be used with care - it is hot!
But it says it's good for the metabolism though - the peperoncino

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